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Team Development

We know that teams are the engine of an organisation. We support teams to rally around a shared purpose and collaborate to achieve outstanding results.


Unlocking team brilliance

At Esprit, we owe our success to the power of teamwork, and we understand that the same holds true for your organisation.

Yet we also recognise that effective teamwork can be hard. New teams may struggle to find their rhythm, established teams can lose their spark, and challenges can hinder even the most promising teams.

To unlock team brilliance, we design and facilitate development experiences that help teams identify where they are, define where they want to be, and create strategies to bridge the gap.
Our experienced facilitators draw upon their brain-friendly toolkits to offer development solutions for teams of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a fun team building activity or an in-depth discussion on team dynamics, our mission is simple: Help teams unlock their collective potential, enabling them to achieve great things whilst relishing the journey.

Brain-friendly Team Development

Activities that foster connection and nurture deeper relationships.
drawing on data
Diagnostics to pinpoint team strengths and areas for improvement.
supporting success
Experiences that highlight enablers and blockers for the team.
fuelling conversations
Facilitated discussions to unpack and resolve team challenges.
inspiring collaboration
Exploration of a team’s purpose, vision and ways of working.

How Esprit can help you

Tap into your collective potential, positively impacting engagement and outcomes.
Researchers have found that engaged teams experience higher productivity, profitability, customer loyalty and employee retention. They also experience less absenteeism and safety incidents. (Source: Gallup, 2023)

focus on what matters

Gain clarity on team purpose and priorities to boost motivation and performance.

Goal Achievement

Improve communication and ways of working to support positive collaboration.


Surface interpersonal dynamics, deepen relationships and increase team cohesion.


Understand and tap into each team member’s unique strengths.


Heighten creativity and an ability to adapt to evolving demands and contexts.

We provide high quality solutions

“Dominic's communication and presentation style is very natural and very effective. The uptake from the team was instant. Dominic is a professional from the first touch point to following through after the training. I highly recommend Dominic for his expertise, his style and authenticity.”


"The workshop was insightful in how I and my team work. Bronwyn provided a great balance of fun and in-depth questions to help us think and collaborate as a team.”

Tina Cotton executive assistant

“We worked with Kate on both personal and team leadership development. Kate is a very engaging person who quickly builds up rapport and creates a safe place to experiment and share. She brought some great tools to help us focus on our development and provided encouragement to put plans into action. Her mixture of fun and passion made her a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to recommend Kate.”

Chris Stevens GM FINANCE & TAX


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